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    Helping you live well to learn well

    Who We Serve


    Telehealth Services:
    8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

    COVID-19 services and information

    Our in-person services are currently limited to pre-screened COVID-19 testing, select medical appointments, and pharmacy services. shadowrocket安卓版下载安装 call us to schedule all visits: 607-255-5155. 
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    Student with mask, "testing and quarantine questions?"


    Questions about requirements and guidelines for returning to campus safely? Visit our COVID-19 Testing, Quarantine, & Isolation page for details. 



    We are providing most services – including medical care, counseling, nutrition, and physical therapy – through telehealth appointments. Learn more on our Telehealth Services page. 

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    • Contact a Patient Advocate
    • Learn about confidentiality protections
      (including for DREAMers)
    • Get a copy of my health records
    • Find out about costs for care
    • Find information about SHP / SHP+ / health fee
    • Apply for a health leave of absence
    • Learn about Cornell’s health excuse policy
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    Especially for...
    • New students
    • International students
    • Summer students
    • Students of color
    • LGBTQ students
    • Student athletes
    • Students with disabilities
    • Student spouses & partners
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    • Students outside of Ithaca
    • Students traveling abroad
    • Faculty, staff, & post-docs
    • Veterans
    • Parents & guardians
    • Residential Staff


    • Depression & anxiety
    • Concern for others
    • Stress management
    • Building resilience
    • Alcohol & other drugs
    • Sexual health & relationships
    • Body image & disordered eating
    • Sleep

        [See all health topics]

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